Gimp Tutorials – Learn Gimp With Video Lessons

There is no better way to learn Gimp that by using video lessons. These Gimp tutorials are unbeatable because you can see exactly what is being done to achieve a certain result, then play it back and do the same yourself.

Most people prefer video lessons because they are very easy to follow. If you try to learn Gimp using written tutorials, such as from a PDF eBook, it is not always easy to follow. Instructions can be unclear, and once you get off-track, it is next to impossible to get back on because you are looking for things that are just plain not there! When are somewhere other than you should be, what are reading no longer makes sense.

Sure, screen shots can help, although most written instructions don’t use screen shots. Nope, it has to be a Gimp video for me which is not surprising since I prefer videos for any for any form of online learning. They are much easier to learn from and if you find yourself in a different gimp menu to where you should be, just roll the video back and find out where you went wrong.

A lot of studies have been made on education and the best way to teach, and speaking about the topic comes third (audio instruction), reading about it second (because sight is an important factor in learning) and videos right up there at #1. That is because a Gimp video offers both sight and sound, and so combines the benefits of each. It is a lot easier and quicker to learn Gimp by video than any other way.

Why Gimp anyway? What is it about Gimp that you should use that rather than any other graphics application out there?

  1. The first reason is price. Gimp is less expensive than most other applications, and the least expensive of those that offer the range of features offered by Gimp, sometimes referred to as The Gimp. In fact, The Gimp download is free! You pay nothing to get it because it is open source software: GNU Image Manipulation Program. GNU is an operating system composed entirely of free software and applications.
  2. The second is that Gimp offers a fully featured graphics application that can do anything that the expensive Adobe Photoshop can do if used by a trained person. It is much more advanced than Microsoft Photo Editor, and many professional web designers use Gimp for their designs. Learn Gimp from Gimp video tutorials, then you too will be able to use it to design your own website graphics. You could even set up your own design studio – using free software!
  3. There are many Gimp tutorials out there offering to teach you how to use Gimp, although a Gimp video is by far the best and simplest to learn Gimp from. It is not necessarily easier to learn than Photoshop, offering similar features, but videos are a lot simpler to use than the Photoshop manual.

That’s what The Gimp is, and there are a lot of people that would love to learn how to use it, and even more that haven’t heard of it but would use it if they did know about it. The best way to learn Gimp is by means of Gimp Video lessons. There is no doubt about that, and those that have taken such Gimp tutorials will confirm that.